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Questions & Answers about Meth Addiction and Recovery

  • Feb

    Being Addicted

    What is it like to be addicted to Meth? Someone I care about is an addict. How can I approach them and what can I do?

    The reason people become addicted to meth so easily is because when they're using, they feel unbelievably euphoric and happy. Meth users feel extremely confident, interesting and wonderful when they're using. While under the influence of meth everything they do, think, and feel is abnormally fantastic. This is why meth users continue to get high at first. The problem is they become tolerant quite quickly.

    Meth is also cheap, the high is over the top and meth is easy to get. Sometimes this is the reason some people choose this drug in the first place. It's different for everyone but a lot of people become dependent very fast using meth. A lot has to do with their personality, what's going on in their life at the time like stress or depression, and not understanding beforehand just how serious meth and other drug use is. They may see friends appear to be handing their drug use alright so they feel they will too. They don't always see what someone else goes through when they're not using or what's being destroyed in their lives because they are.

    Talking to them in a caring and supportive way helps but until they're ready to seek help, talking doesn't usually get them into treatment. Suggesting detoxification and substance abuse treatment is good but it's not usually going to get them to jump right away. Support groups like NA are also wonderful for a person when they're ready to find help and support. Many times interventions that are performed by a professional interventionist will help the person to break through their denial barrier and they agree to get help. With a professional intervention they do all the work finding the right treatment program that's right for that person. They also help the loved ones and friends find support because addiction affects the whole family including friends.