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  • Apr

    Smoking Meth & Your Lungs

    I was told not to hold the meth in when I smoke it. What happens when it recrystallizes in your lungs?

    When you smoke meth the vapors can't get into your bloodstream, it first re-crystalizes in your lungs, dissolves with the help of natural fluids in the lungs and then goes into the bloodstream. The vapors are hot and when they reach the cool tissue of the lungs it solidifies. Because of the salt content that's in chemicals used to make meth it dehydrates and dries out your lungs, this is probably the reason your lungs hurt.

    Lungs can heal over time but when there's excessive damage due to the toxic poisonous chemicals in meth, serious damage takes place. Serious damage also takes place in your heart from using meth. I realize it isn't easy but you have to stop using crystal meth because eventually irreversible damage can and more than likely will take place.

    Holding onto the vapors when smoked really has nothing to do with anything. If I were you I would worry more about the fact that psychologically, emotionally and physically after a while crystal meth will take its toll and there won't be any going back.

    Trust me when I say meth is one of the worst drugs there is and there will come a day you will wish you stopped a long time ago.