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Questions & Answers about Meth Addiction and Recovery

  • May


    I have been using meth (ice) for over 6 months now, and now find myself just using to function normally throughout the day. I know this drug has me hooked. I need information on how to help alleviate or better cope with my withdrawal. What can I do?

    There is no way to alleviate the symptoms if a person is still using. Yes, it does sound like you're dependent on ice and you will experience symptoms when you're not using. I hope by your question that you mean you want to stay clean and you're trying.

    When you quit, the first week is the worse depending on how heavy of a user you were. Some people sleep most of the first week, it just depends on how frequent and heavy they used. Most all people have the same symptoms when they stop using meth but the duration of time does vary from user to user. After a full week of staying completely clean your body will have detoxed and the withdrawal symptoms will begin to get better. This is a gradual process so being tired, moody, irritable, crabby, and sluggish will begin to ease after the first full week but it takes a while for them to go away. Some people also experience aches and pains during the withdrawal process, this will get better but the first week can be uncomfortable.

    Usually the second week the cravings are in full swing. This is the time that you want to stay completely focused, stay away from 'triggers' like people, places and things that remind you or that were associated with your past drug use. Whatever you do, DON'T give into your cravings. Everyone is a little different but they last for a couple of weeks. This is the time when you have to work the hardest, stay busy, and be patient. Being prepared ahead of time for these symptoms can really help, this is a perfect time to read positive recovery books, go for walks, or attend 12 step meetings.

    Drink a lot of water during this time and distilled water is the best from what I've heard. Your body is still full of toxins and water will help to flush them out of your system. Eat as healthy as possible and I know most people don't like to hear it but walk. Walking relieves stress, relieves depression, helps you sleep, aids in healing and makes you feel better. Just make sure that you aren't around anything or anyone that reminds you of your past drug use.

    Try very hard not to live on junk food, drink a lot of soda or stay inactive, this will just make you feel miserable. If you don't start feeling better there's no harm in asking your doctor for something to help with your depression if it's still an issue. It's ok to be honest with your doctor about why you're not feeling well and why an antidepressant may help. They will understand and prescribe something that will help you and at the same time be safe for you to take.

    The sooner you stop using meth the sooner you will get to feeling better, the longer you continue to use meth (ice) the more it will damage your health, the more intense the withdrawal symptoms will be and the longer they will last. You can do it, be prepared, be patient and Good Luck!