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Questions & Answers about Meth Addiction and Recovery

  • Apr

    Signs of IV Meth Use

    What are the symptoms of intravenous use of ice?

    You will see puncture wounds over blood vessels the user injected the drugs into. There is no way to tell what drug was abused for sure other than meth can seriously damage the skin tissue and there may be sores and infections around the areas used for injection.

    An individual that recently used meth will have signs which include; teeth grinding, jaw clenching, dilated pupils, uncontrollable scratching, picking at sores, agitation, appears jittery, the user may seem out of breath, their heart is beating rapidly and they tend to talk fast. When they communicate they may seem like they're babbling. A crash is followed by a high if the user doesn't repeat their use.

    Meth addicts are usually underweight or lose weight, have dental problems like tooth decay which is sometimes severe, have scars and open sores on their skin, and their faces are pale and blotchy. Their personal hygiene deteriorates as well.