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Teen Stories of Meth Abuse and Struggles

It's horrifying to think our young teens are experimenting with mind altering drugs like crystal meth. The truth is today more adolescent and teens are suffering from drug addiction than ever before. Many young people experiment with crystal meth without realizing just how addictive this stimulant drug is and it's destroying their lives. Many of our teen viewers have sent in stories of their own experiences with meth use and addiction and their honesty is to be appreciated. They have their whole lives ahead of them and the last thing they should have to worry about is withdrawals, tweaking and addiction.

There are also wonderful success stories from teens addicted to drugs like crystal meth. Their recovery stories are an inspiration to other teens and young people who are addicted to drugs and are in need of help and treatment. We thank our young readers for their honesty straight forwardness about their drug addiction. Your stories will open other teen's eyes and help them realize just how serious and dangerous meth use is and possibly save a young person from experimenting with drugs like crystal meth.

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    All Gacked Out

    Hi, my name's Julie, and I'm 17, almost 18. I've been tweaking since I was 13. I was dating this guy who was about 19 or 20, and he got me gacked out for the very first time. Little did I know how controlling Crystal Meth was, if you do crystal meth once, you could be risking the rest of your life. I went home that night with no idea that my life was never going to be the same. I went from tweaking one night a week (only on the weekends), to tweaking for the whole weekend and pretty soon I was tweaking every day of the week. I started using meth for FUN. That's all I wanted was to have fun. And I don't even know how it happened, but after only a short period of time, it turned into something a lot more serious than "having fun." I was addicted at the age of 14. From the ages of 14-17, everything is a blur. So much happened, and it was all because I was in love with the pipe. I ran away, lived on the streets, and got totally wrapped up in the dope game. I lost most of my friends either because they quit talking to me because I was a tweaker, or I lost them because they lost themselves somewhere in a sack. I was scandalous, a typical tweaker. It's funny. Me and my "friends" robbed each other, talked mad shit about each other, and yet, we were still BEST FRIENDS!! I was lost. My whole world revolved around one thing: MS. CRYSTAL METHAMPHETAMINE! That was my girl. I hurt everyone around me, but I didn't care, even though I knew that deep in my heart, these people I was hurting, was everyone that I loved. I ditched everything and everyone. So I could go get spun. I lived to be high even though I was rapidly going down. But that didn't faze me cause I was never by myself I took people down with me I thought it was funny to turn people out on meth. I'd meet some chick, we'd start chillin, and I'd get her hooked on the shit too. I was a cracked out bitch. This time, last year, I went down hard. Finally my parents through my ass in rehab which I was in for about 5 months. I graduated drug rehab last June but rehab and counseling didn't do me any good. Because here I am, still tweaking. Not as bad as I was before, but I feel like I'm headed in that direction again. I'm scared. Crystal Meth is a fuckin bitch. She's my worst enemy, but she's also my good friend. I'm only 17, this is not right. I shouldn't be tweaking right now, I should be out at the mall or something. But I stumbled across this web site today with my girl Val, and it raised my spirits a little bit because I then realized that people everywhere are going through this same shit. We are all better than this. Not one of us deserves this. I know that most of the time, I feel like everything is hopeless. But it's not. All of us that are addicted to the devil's pipe can pull through and we'll all come out shining in the end. Just keep ya head up. Julie...

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    I Am a Tweaker

    Crystal Methamphetamine is the worst drug to touch, the worst drug to put down. Hi, here I am to tell you a little story. I am 15 years old and still using. I remember the exact day that I used. I smoked dope, on April 12, 2003. That is the day I was arrested in down town Seattle for supposedly dealing crack cocaine. Even though I was only 13 years old, they took me to the adult jail!...

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    Clean for Nine Months

    My name is Jessica. I am 17 years old and have been sober/clean for 9 months. I started smoking pot my 8th grade summer. It was great, lay under the bright blue sky and blaze a blunt, completely mellow feeling. Although I loved pot, I immensely disliked drugs. I lived in a small town where people got bored and did hard-core drugs. Those people disgusted me. I started high school in 9th grade. I watched kids all around me experiment with meth and ruin their lives. I never understood why someone would willingly kill themselves like that. I hated tweakers. I got in this fight with a tweaker during a camping trip with friends at the end of 9th grade. I told him he was a fuck face for chasing Tina and who the hell continues to do something like that. Out of Compulsion and stubbornness I grabbed his glass pipe and hit it. I hit it hard. That first hit was like I had just been born. I was smarter than everyone else, funnier, I had experience. I hated myself more or regretted anything like I regret that night. Before I started smoking I was a tall bombshell blonde hair, green eyed teenager. I had been in dance since i was three. I was gorgeous. Two months after that first hit, and "daily doubles" (which turned into hourly doubles); I became the sickest looking thing ever. I dropped 50 lbs. to a weight of 99 pounds. I am 5'9. I looked like I was about to break. My hair fell out from lack of nutrients. I had hair people would KILL for and it's all gone and gross now. On one of the few days I went to school I freaked out during gym. While playing tennis I saw all these people running around me and little dots everywhere. I thought my classmates where trying to kill me with tennis balls. I disappeared with a cook for a month after that. My mom is a minister. I was a good kid. I had a good life. I messed my life up. Not alone mind you. My dragon of happiness and dagger of hell was always beside me. I hate tweakers and I became the most tweaked out person you could ever imagine. I'm so sorry to everyone. To people who are addicted to meth, to the people who live in communities where other people do meth, to first time users who just DON'T KNOW. Meth is the anti-Christ. Meth KILLS in every possible way. "I'll be loving you always. With a love that's true oh always" SPUN Billy Corgan. Spun best damned movie ever. Misty green and blue love to love to love you. Jessica, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA...

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    My Meth Addicted Family

    Hey my name is lacey and I'm 13 years old. Over half of my momma's family does ice and a few people in my daddy's family does it. Oh yea my momma and daddy do it too. I've never tried it and never will. When I was little my mama and daddy always gave me everything I wanted. when i was 11 years old my momma and daddy sold my dream house so we could move outta the ''village'' a place where a lot of kids were and a lot of stuff got stole and my daddy's window got knocked out of his truck. I lived in the village my whole life then all of a sudden we were moving to the country. Until our loan went thru me and my sister had to live with my maw maw. My momma and daddy lived at the trailer they didn't have power or water so they used a generator and filled up jugs of water. When they wouldn't there they were at the Polk Motel a big drug place at first I told myself that they didn't do anything that they just went there to see their friends. Well we lived with my maw maw for 8 months and I just told myself that a few more days I would get to live with my momma and daddy. On May 15 was the day of my first semi-formal because I was in middle school in the sixth grade my first year of middle school. Everybody had been looking for my momma and she was nowhere to be found. About 25 days later I finally saw her. About a week after that my daddy shot his self because my mama left him. He was in and out of the hospital and my whole summer was ruined because every day we drove 2 hours to see my daddy it was hell. After everything went back to normal I found out the truth. Right after me and my sister moved in with my maw maw my mama and daddy started doing ice. I already knew my uncle done it then I found out my nanny done it. Nanny is my other grandmother my whole world went down the people I loved and didn't want to get hurt done the thing I hated most of all. well there's a whole lot more to this story but there's not enough room on this website to hold my story so I'm just gone say one thing to the people that does it now ''it might be fun now but later you'll regret it and it doesn't make you look cool and I pray for you to stop and remember to always believe. To the rest of yall I'm praying for your family or friend that's still on it. For the people that's clean. Congratulations!! Lacey, Georgia, USA...

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    My Special Eating Disorder

    I've been using crystal, glass, and shit, whatever you want to call it for about 6 months on and off. I used to go a month or 2 without using. Now, just in the past 3 weeks I've been using just about every day. It's weird because my friend (who I started with) and I think we're so smart, we researched all the effects so we knew what we were getting into. I see the pictures on this site and on others and I think to myself "That will never be me. I'm not like those people. But in a way I am. I mean I'm from a good family, I do well in school, I'm not an outcast, and I'm even really involved in my church. Besides a few friends no one knows my secret. I remember always saying I'd never do meth. That it was dirty and gross and here I am doing it. I feel like I lead a completely double life sometimes. The saddest part is that I see what it's doing to the boy I'm in love with. He was one of the first people I told I had tried meth and he sat me down and we had a long talk. I remember the things he said so clearly, all the bad effects and how he didn't want that for me....

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    Try Being 13

    Hey what's up, my name is Jessica I'm 13. My parents have been using meth since I was 2. All I remember is when I was 9. My Dad never came and saw me. I had to baby sit my two baby brothers and I was only 9 at the time. When I was 12, I was taken out of school by cops who said that I was going to live in a group home well foster shelter. My brothers, sisters, and I were spilt up....

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