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Letters of Meth Abuse Deaths and Tragedies

The most serious consequences of drug use are overdose and death. Many people have lost a loved one or friend due to meth addiction and their lives will be forever changed. The loss of a loved one or friend is never easy but losing someone to drug addiction when it could have been avoided is devastating.

These stories from family members and friends who have lost someone in their life near and dear to them are heart-breaking. We can only hope that their stories will save someone else who's suffering from drug addiction before it's too late for them. I know these stories were hard to write but I hope they find comfort knowing that they will make a difference in someone else's life. Our hearts go out to you but we thank you for sharing because we have lost way too many people to addiction and your stories will save a life.

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    Best Friend, Wife and Mother Lost

    I've recently lost my best friend, and a family has lost their wife and mother. Not really sure that Meth is what killed them both but I know it had to played a big role. You see my friend was an addict just like myself, he was a functional addict though." I thought" The last time I see him was Dec. 18th he had showed up at my house with his lady friend she was his neighbor. They were just riding around and he wanted me to go with them. I couldn't leave at the time and told him to come back and get me in a little while. He kept asking me why can't you go with me now? I told him I wasn't ready to go, so an hour or so he came back and by then for some reason I changed my mind about going. I had done laid down on my bed and my back was killing me so when I heard him pull up I didn't even get up. I figured he'd come in he sat in his truck, blew the horn, and revved up the motor. I still didn't go to the door. So he finally pulled off and I thought he would come back but he never did. The next morning at 8 am my neighbor woke me up banging on my bedroom window telling me that they had found my friends lady friend dead in my friends truck. I jumped up and quickly got dressed and went to see where my friend was. When I got to the cross road going to his house the law had everyone stopped and wouldn't let us go down there. The bomb squad, swat team, ambulance, all kinds of authorities were there. Anyways an hour later after not knowing where my best friend was or if he was dead or alive the swat team shot their gas in his home and busted in only to find my buddy in his living room, with his head blown off. He had shot his lady friend in the face blowing her face off. Then took a sawed of shot gun and stuck it in his mouth. No one will ever know why or what really happened that night. I do know the autopsy report said that they found meth, alcohol and Xanax in both of their systems. All I know is he was a good guy that would give you the shirt off his back he was my best friend for over 15 yrs. He left behind his 3 yr old daughter and 16 yr. old son....

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    Father Committed Suicide

    After visiting this site and reading many of your letters, I wanted to add something of my own. My father committed suicide on 12/8/04 and was a crystal meth addict. He was 53 years old far too old for this I thought. When I was little (I'm 33 now), Dad smoked pot. He grew pot and sold it to local police officers therefore thought he was above the law. He started using Meth in the late 90's. I'm not sure there was a reason for the switch other than he was introduced to it by a friend who was staying with he and my stepmother at the time. My stepmother left my dad in 2001 after numerous incidents involving violence and guns. She left with her daughter and granddaughter and only the clothes on their backs. Although I know my stepmother had a temper and at times gave as good as she got, there is no excuse for my dad threatening her life or the lives of her family. Dad started the downward decline at this time. He lost his job and started selling "his product". I only knew about the drugs because he confided in my sister. Apparently there had been previous suicide attempts that we are now finding out about. Dad called me last December and told me that he couldn't go on anymore and was going to kill himself. I immediately decided to go see him and he was adamant that I didn't. I ended up spending all night on the phone with him. He admitted to me that he was addicted to Crystal Meth and had been injecting it for over a year. He bragged about "his product" and said it was the best on the market. I told him that he just needed to walk away and to come live with me. I'd give him a job (my husband and I own our own business) and we'd find him a place to live so he would be more comfortable than living with us. I found him a free bed at a drug treatment facility. He refused all of these things because he felt he could not leave the home he and my stepmother had nor could he leave his many dogs. He did promise me that he would call me in the event he decided to go through with his suicide threats so I would be able to go and take care of his remains. I contacted the local county Judge for a court ordered commitment and he told me that my dad was just a good ole' boy down on his luck and that he would be okay. I even went as far as contacting the local drug task force telling them that he was manufacturing drugs to no avail. Every 3 to 4 months there were flare ups. He filed for bankruptcy twice during this time in an attempt to save his home....

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    Widowed At Age 22

    I live in Oklahoma. We have one of the largest problems with meth in the country. My name is Jennifer, I am 24 years old and I was widowed at the age of 22. My husband's name was Tony, he was 30 years old and he died of acute methamphetamine overdose on April 22, 2003. He was in the hospital for a day and a half completely brain dead until the morning of the 22nd when we had to turn off the machines that were keeping him alive. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done. The doctor that had been treating him had asked us how many years he had been doing drugs. When we asked why, he told us that his brain had so much damage done to it from the drugs that he didn't know how Tony was even comprehending reality. Now I must explain the whole situation. My relationship with my husband spanned over 5 years. During part of that time I had been doing meth with him. I am not proud of it and if it weren't for our daughter I might never have stopped. For you see, I stopped when I found out I was pregnant with her. I thank the lord every day that she came out perfect. I stayed with my husband hoping to help him break the hold that the drugs had on him. In January of 2002, before my daughter was born, Tony went to prison on a drug charge. He was in for 6 months. Our daughter was 4 months old when he got out. He stayed clean for a while but it wasn't long before he started hide his habit from me again. I had gone to the doctor for an annual checkup. I was severely stressed out and proceed to cry on the doctor. He gave me a prescription for clonazepam. Big mistake! I went home and told Tony about the prescription and what the doctor had said. Then I left to go pick up our daughter from daycare. I came home, and we had a somewhat normal evening. After I put our daughter down, Tony grabbed my prescription and took 5 of them. I started to freak out when he told me that he had already taken 5 earlier. Now, anyone who knows a drug addict, you cannot get them to go to the hospital. So I waited for him to pass out, got a blanket, and slept on the couch to make sure that he would survive. I got woken up by his screaming at about 2 am.. I kept asking him what was wrong and he kept telling me I should know what was wrong. Then he would hit or kick me. I realized I needed to get out of there. I went to my daughter's room and got her out. I made it about halfway out the door when he grabbed my hair, pulled me back in, and clocked me in the jaw. All while I was holding our daughter. Then he told me he would just get it over with. He had a needle, (or a point), and some mean green in the bathroom. He would kill himself. When he went to the bathroom, I ran. Thankfully, my mother in law lived one block away. Now this wasn't the only time he hit me but I think this one incident is enough to talk about. I could be writing for days. Now, why did I stay if it was so bad? Because I knew him before the drugs. I knew and fell in love with the real him. I wanted to help him get back to that. For anyone that has hung on to the bitter end, I salute you. I don't recommend it, an abusive relationship is not the place to be. But you can't give up on the ones you love. Jennifer Ferrante, Oklahoma city, Oklahoma, USA...

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    Scotty's Story

    I know this is a long story, but please read it. Let it soak into every fiber of your being. I met Scotty in 1986 at a bar that my roommate worked at. He would always come in with his friend Steve and they would sit around and BS drinking Crown Royal Shots (they were known as the Crown Royal Boys) anyhow. They were both very nice and polite likeable kind of guys. Scotty would sometimes come in by himself and he always had looked so down . Later I found out it was because he was very lonely. One time he asked me out to dinner with no strings attached as he put it, but I was in a relationship at the time and had to decline his kind offer....

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    Meth Related Death of My Brother Kenny Sims

    My Mother and I were asked to write something about my brother so I was going through the many things I wrote that were just my thoughts at the time. It seems to help a little to get the thoughts out of my head. But here are some of the things that went through my head....

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    The Broken Promise

    I met Brad April 8, 2000 at a bar in Davenport Iowa called The Broken Promise. It was the first night I had been "out" in almost three years. My best friend at the time, Keri, was supposed to go out with someone else but her date stood her up, so I was instantly asked. Normally I would decline, but not this night....

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