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    Will the Love of My Life Ever Realize?

    Question: I was married to a meth user for, I have no idea how long. I knew he had a problem with pain pills, and we spent the last year working on that addiction. For the last six or seven months he has been so bad, he hasn't been able to work. He had completely checked out of our little family several months ago. Around the same time he began hanging around with people using meth. He has two children that I was basically raising on my own. Doing all of the household chores, yard work, cooking, tending children, and earning all of the income. Anyway, I left him within weeks of discovering his addiction to meth. It actually explained a lot. I thought for a very long time he was bi-polar, and the pill addiction was causing these violent outbursts. Anyway, the most difficult part of this entire situation is that he doesn't care that I left. He has turned the house into a big party scene with drug dealers and users staying there for days at a time. I left hoping it would be an eye opener to him, and he would get the appropriate help. The weird thing is, I know this man loved me with every ounce of his being. I know he has to be in there somewhere, but for the most part he is not even a shred of the man that I married. I look into his eyes now and see nothing but hollowness. I have been gone for two months, and have the delusional idea that any day now he is going to contact me telling me he has decided to give up the meth and make our little family work once again. But I think the most difficult part of this entire tragedy is how little he cares. He has completely changed his life to be just a party boy with cute girls around him at all times. I am having such a difficult time understanding how it could just be so easy for him to let the woman he always claimed that he loved more than any other girl he's ever been with, and just pretend our three years of marriage never existed. I feel like I am living in the twilight zone. I am sure he has figured out a way to convince himself he is a victim in all this. He became an expert at becoming a victim. I know the person I married is gone, but I can't help but wonder if he will ever be back, and if he does come back, will he ever realize what he lost and why he lost it?...

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    Rashes and Meth Use

    Question: I have a niece 18 years old who is in a recovery center. She is addicted to ice. She didn't use the drug since she has been in the center for the last three weeks. She started having rashes. Is it typical for withdraw symptoms? What can be done?...

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    Health Problems Caused by Meth Use

    Question:I used meth for about 3 years. I have been clean from meth for 9 years. For the past couple years I have been diagnosed with a number of health problems. I have scoliosis, in remission of cervical cancer, irregular heart beat (beats too fast), ulcers, endometriosis, and possibly other medical conditions. I want to know if it's common for a person to have health problems after so many years of being clean from meth!...

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    Single Mother Pregnant and Using Meth

    Question: Hi Michelle I have to be honest I am a meth user and I am pregnant I have a 3 year old son whom is my everything, I am a single mother and again with this pregnancy the father isn't in the pic I am on no kind of aid for my 3 year old n I struggle every day to survive to keep a nice home for my son I am 32 weeks pregnant and as of right now today I have stopped smoking meth no matter what. I have quit a couple of times 5 or 6 days but the worries of rent and bills have me smoking again I don't know how I will do this but I cannot lose my 3 year old to the system if this baby is positive for meth my son makes my world go around I know that I should be concerned about this baby and the closer I get the more I am kind of out of sight out of mind. I will be having a c sec due to me being diabetic on Oct. 24th today is Sept. 5th can I do it will I have a clean baby on that day of surgery. I don't know how long it takes for meth to be clean from my unborn child but I've got to know what I'm facing so I can make arrangements for my 3 year old to be safe in the familiar environment of my family so he doesn't go to cps or can I actually start here n now today n b ok and my unborn and 3 year old b ok. please respond and let me know I've researched this to no avail people think people like me should be in jail for being an addict, I really just need to stop the meth and be surrounded by people who love me and will support me that's when I can conquer anything but I really don't talk to my family by their choice really and all I've ever done was pay my way in this life and take care if my son the best I can I NEVER ask my family for anything they wouldn't give it anyway I just want their love and support. That's all. :-(...

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    Am I Suffering from Delusions and Psychosis?

    Question: Hi, Truth: Puffing on a pipe as I type. My partner also a user and I have been using one drug or another for years - meth was introduced into our home about a year ago - I used it on occasion but for him I recognized it was getting out of hand and I begged him to stop, I asked his friends to get him to stop. He didn't and I got so tired of the fighting and being an addict I started joining in and here we are - I'm an addict - the thing is this... yes I experience the hallucinations, the effects of the drug like quick temper, insomnia , thinking I'm a rock star from mars (kidding but the euphoria that one expects) but I don't get the paranoia - I don't get the complete and utter inability to function - too scared to move or convinced that the world is on its way to get me, or that the meth squad (cops) are at my door, I don't believe that my partner is harboring some magnificent secret that I don't know about - but he does experience all the above and has no flipping clue he is doing it - in addition to the above he gets enormous pleasure out of insulting me, putting me down, bringing up all the negative or bad things I have done in the past. He treats me like a servant and I am so desperate for love and acceptance from him that I run and do his bidding all the time. Here is the scary thing... am I the one who is suffering from delusions and psychosis?...

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    Meth Use, Abuse and Addiction During Pregnancy

    Question: I have been back on Meth a little a year now with use daily totaling 1 to 4 times a day sometimes. I have been doing it intensively since July, but not daily always. I am 37 and just found out my husband and I are pregnant so last month my period was 2wks early and from my calendar an app. on my phone it says that should of happened on the 3rd.I do not by any means have an issue with quitting, which I have done so I quit the 13th and like a child's life is far more important at this point. Sorry with all this being said will my baby be OK if I am never use again and what effect could it have on the unborn child?...

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