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    A Higher Power Led Me to Sobriety

    A Higher Power Led Me to Sobriety

    My name is Michele; I am 35 yrs. old and a recovery meth addict. I have not touched meth in about 6 yrs. but I have been totally clean for 2.

    I spent most of my early 20s on speed and then had a 2 yr. relapse when my son was 2, that which I am still learning to forgive myself. I was fortunate my family compensated as best possible.

    I feel God or whatever higher power is out there led me through to sobriety with minimal consequences, no police records and no diseases and thanks to good genes I still look fairly young for my age.

    I did lose a good lot of my teeth, but thanks to my mother I was able to fill the spaces. I kind of skipped the meetings and 12 steps and brushed everything under the rug.

    However now I realized that it is my turn to give back and I am presently in school studying to be a drug counselor. I hope I will be able to help others in their struggle and lead them to recovery.

3 Responses to A Higher Power Led Me to Sobriety

  • Joy C.

    October 28th, 2011

    I had a similar experience to yours. I was using meth from my junior year in high school until I found out I was pregnant with my son at 19. Once I found out I was pregnant I knew I had to stop using. Somehow I was granted the ability to stop using during my pregnancy. It was more important to me than anything that I have a healthy baby. My baby didn't choose to have me as a mom or even to come into this world, so the very least I owed him was the opportunity to come into this world as a happy, healthy baby.
    When my son was born I thought that I had kicked my addiction. I was so wrong. I started using meth again when he was about three months old. This time my addiction was stronger than ever. I didn't seem to care about much of anything or anyone ' not even my son. The moment I decided I needed help was when I was putting on my jacket and grabbing my keys to walk out the door one evening to meet my dealer. My son was tucked into his crib. I was going to leave him, a 9 month old, all alone.
    That night I brought my son with me to a 12-step meeting instead of leaving him home alone while I went to get more drugs. That was the first night of my recovery. God and the fellowship at my 12-step meetings have helped me to be clean now for almost six months.

  • Andrew P.

    October 28th, 2011

    Your story sounds so much like mine. By the grace of God my four years as an addict using meth didn't kill me, didn't leave me with diseases and didn't ruin my body. There's no explanation for it except that God was looking out for me. At first, though, I thought otherwise. At first I thought that all of those 'Say no to drugs!' billboards and public service announcements were just making a big deal out of nothing. I thought that they were scare tactics. I didn't realize until I got a frantic call from a friend in the middle of night that meth actually did bad stuff. She called because a mutual friend of ours just overdosed. Sadly, she couldn't be saved and now she's in Heaven. She left behind three beautiful little children that will have to grow up without a mother because of meth.
    The very next morning I realized I had to change my life or else my daughter might have to live without her mother way too soon. I got into rehab and started going to 12-step meetings. Now I know that God was always looking over me and it's because the strength and grace granted by God that I've been able to be clean for the least three years. I definitely couldn't have done it on my own. I know because I tried. I tried for years to get clean on my own, but it didn't work until I believed that a Higher Power could help me.

  • Jeff E.

    October 28th, 2011

    I can honestly say that just like a Higher Power delivered you from sobriety, a Higher Power did the same for me. I tried to stop using meth more times than I can count. All of them ended the same way: I couldn't battle the cravings and decided to call my dealer. It wasn't until I realized that my way wasn't working and that I needed help that my prayers were answered. Pinned to a bulletin board at the grocery store I saw a bunch of 12-step meetings listed. I realized that I needed help and 12-step worked for some people, so I gave it a whirl.
    I know it was all divine intervention because the night I went to my first meeting I met my sponsor. He normally went to another meeting on Monday nights, but he was in this part of town at the time and decided to come to this meeting. I know it was all part of God's plan. My sponsor guided me through the steps and traditions over pancakes at IHOP right after the meeting. He saw how eager I was to get clean and told me that if only I believed I could do it with the help of a Higher Power, I could. I threw myself into the process and worked the steps, and with the help of a Higher Power I've been clean now for almost a year. If I can make it another 13 days I'll be getting my one-year coin.

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