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  • Mar

    All Gacked Out

    Hi, my name's Julie, and I'm 17, almost 18. I've been tweaking since I was 13. I was dating this guy who was about 19 or 20, and he got me gacked out for the very first time. Little did I know how controlling Crystal Meth was, if you do crystal meth once, you could be risking the rest of your life. I went home that night with no idea that my life was never going to be the same. I went from tweaking one night a week (only on the weekends), to tweaking for the whole weekend and pretty soon I was tweaking every day of the week. I started using meth for FUN. That's all I wanted was to have fun. And I don't even know how it happened, but after only a short period of time, it turned into something a lot more serious than "having fun." I was addicted at the age of 14. From the ages of 14-17, everything is a blur. So much happened, and it was all because I was in love with the pipe. I ran away, lived on the streets, and got totally wrapped up in the dope game. I lost most of my friends either because they quit talking to me because I was a tweaker, or I lost them because they lost themselves somewhere in a sack. I was scandalous, a typical tweaker. It's funny. Me and my "friends" robbed each other, talked mad shit about each other, and yet, we were still BEST FRIENDS!! I was lost. My whole world revolved around one thing: MS. CRYSTAL METHAMPHETAMINE! That was my girl. I hurt everyone around me, but I didn't care, even though I knew that deep in my heart, these people I was hurting, was everyone that I loved. I ditched everything and everyone. So I could go get spun. I lived to be high even though I was rapidly going down. But that didn't faze me cause I was never by myself I took people down with me I thought it was funny to turn people out on meth. I'd meet some chick, we'd start chillin, and I'd get her hooked on the shit too. I was a cracked out bitch. This time, last year, I went down hard. Finally my parents through my ass in rehab which I was in for about 5 months. I graduated drug rehab last June but rehab and counseling didn't do me any good. Because here I am, still tweaking. Not as bad as I was before, but I feel like I'm headed in that direction again. I'm scared. Crystal Meth is a fuckin bitch. She's my worst enemy, but she's also my good friend. I'm only 17, this is not right. I shouldn't be tweaking right now, I should be out at the mall or something. But I stumbled across this web site today with my girl Val, and it raised my spirits a little bit because I then realized that people everywhere are going through this same shit. We are all better than this. Not one of us deserves this. I know that most of the time, I feel like everything is hopeless. But it's not. All of us that are addicted to the devil's pipe can pull through and we'll all come out shining in the end. Just keep ya head up.


3 Responses to All Gacked Out

  • Charlie101

    April 4th, 2011

    Knowing that you're aware of the situation is very important, the next step will be accepting that you are dependent to this drugs and willing to be treated. Just be strong and know that you can overcome this situation. Stand up and do what you need to do, seek help and save yourself.

  • Michel

    May 9th, 2014

    I here you.. I have been using since I was 15 and I would get a couple of years and now well I am seriously considering teen challenge for 1 year I'm married for 29 year and my husband introduced me to that shit I love the sex that in itself was enough but we going to fast from sex for 6 months and do this thing or it going to kill me I am 49 now you do the math I used pregnant man. I needed to get off this merry go round.

  • Faith

    June 1st, 2015

    I Know The Struggle. I Started Using When I Turned 12 With My Dad. The Difference About Us Is That I Was Doing It Because It Was My Mask Of Emotions, I Hated Life. After Being On The Run For Three Years II Started Slamming On My 15 Birthday, Thats When I Started Slamming heroin As Well. A lot Of My Herion Addict "Friends" Told Me I Was Lucky Because I Didnt Get Hooked On H, But I Was Hooked On Meth. Because Of My Meth Addict Ive Been Locked Up Four Times Before I Turned 16, Im On Felony Probation For Five Years&I Corrupted So Many Important Friendships..I Hate Myself For A lot Of Things But This Is One Of The Main Reasons. Im Barley Two Weeks Clean I Was Clean Three Months Before I Decided I Couldnt Deal With All These Emotions&I Slammed. No One That Hasnt Done What We Have Done Can Really Know What It Is To Dance With The Devil. We Are Going To Struggle With This For The Rest Of Our Lifes Its Just Our Choice To Let The Drug Control Our Lifes Or Not.

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