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Teen Stories of Meth Abuse and Struggles

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    I Am a Tweaker

    Crystal Methamphetamine is the worst drug to touch, the worst drug to put down. Hi, here I am to tell you a little story. I am 15 years old and still using. I remember the exact day that I used. I smoked dope, on April 12, 2003. That is the day I was arrested in down town Seattle for supposedly dealing crack cocaine. Even though I was only 13 years old, they took me to the adult jail!

    Then after that, everything started to go downhill. I STARTED TO BE SEXUALLY ACTIVE, AND HAVING SEX WITH WAY OLDER GUYS AND AH EVEN THOUGH I OLNY LIKE OLDER GUYS. Just yesterday I used, and today that is my drug of choice, but I don't do it all the time. I also smoke weed and drink alcohol. I usually just smoke crank very rarely like today. I had not used for six months, and now I am coming down and I don't want to use again. You see, I am a tweeker that is not addicted. Yeah.

    Laurie A. WA, USA