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Crystal Meth Tragedies - News Report Articles

The tragedies and tragic stories associated with Methamphetamine use and production go deeper than you may imagine. When you think of meth tragedy you probably think of the fires and explosions associated with the production of this illegal drug. One could only wish that was the only danger involved with methamphetamine production, use, and misuse.Click on the titles below to read the fulle story

9 Month Old Baby Girl Dies of Lethal Meth Overdose

A chronic meth addict hid her methamphetamine stash in the nursery dresser drawer, the same drawer she kept the babies snacks in. Baby ingests lethal dose while looking for snacks.

15 Year Old Dies From Lethal Overdose

Adorable 15 year old girl loses her life while attending a family gathering. The meth found in her body at the time of death was well over the lethal limit.

Another Meth Lab Blows Up In Oklahoma

Unfortunately another illegal methamphetamine lab is responsible for another death in Oklahoma. Fires and explosions associated with meth labs in Oklahoma continue to cause bodily harm or claim lives.

6 Week Old Infant Dies From Meth Toxicity

Two children drank mother's breast milk that was laced with meth. The infant baby boy dies from toxic chemical contained in mother's milk.

Woman Dies When Rolling Meth Lab Explodes

Explosion in mobile methamphetamine lab takes the life of a woman in Missouri. Missouri man facing murder charges.

Tainted Cotton Swab Kills 8 Month Old Baby Boy

A Q-tip that was used to clean a meth pipe is used to clean baby's nose and infant dies. Baby's broken bones are unexplained.

24 Year Old Murders Aunt While On Meth

The aunt of a 24 year old man dies due to injuries inflicted while nephew was high on methamphetamine to keep her quiet.

20 Month Old Dies From Ingesting Meth Chemical

Toddler drinks ingredient used to make meth. The baby's 14 year old mother, father, and others are arrested.

Meth Explosion Leaves Charred Remains of 3 Victims

House fire claims 3 victims as a result of cooking meth in the home. Charred bodies require tests to identify the badly burned remains.

One Pot Meth Lab Explodes Killing One

A one pot meth lab blows up and flying glass fatally injures young woman inside.

Children Orphaned Due To Meth

Young children are affected in more ways than one, meth use enhances an individual's sex drive and there have been many incidences where young children have been sexually abused by a family member or friends when they were high on meth. This is heartbreaking and devastating, unless a meth lab gets busted or meth users get help, this form of child sexual abuse takes place and no one ever knows it's going on. The abuse of meth is serious enough that there is actually a term used to describe children taken from labs that have been seized; they're called 'meth orphans'. Fortunately some children are able to stay with relatives in order to stay out of foster care. Click on the image below to watch the video

meth orphans
Beautiful Baby Girl Burned in Meth Lab Explosion

A one year old baby was burned in a meth lab explosion that took place right next to the playpen she was in. This beautiful baby girl suffered burns on over half of her body. The mother lied to authorities and said the baby was burned in a grease fire. Because of the lie the mother told, the baby was receiving treatment for grease burns and not methamphetamine chemical burns. Chemical burns are much more serious to treat and proper treatment wasn't administered at first due the mother's dishonesty. Toxic chemicals from a meth lab are even more serious to treat.

Meth Lab Explodes, Dental Records Needed For ID

Dental records identified 2 of the 3 people who died when a meth lab exploded. Waiting on 3rd set of dental records needed for identification of third victim.

Mother High On Crystal Meth Smothers Baby

Awake for possibly 4 days the mother of 2 month old suffocates infant while sleeping.

Unidentified Female Dies In Meth Explosion

Meth explosion in Mobile Home Park takes the life of one person. Unidentified victim is a female.

Overdose Related Brain Damage Every Parent and User Needs to See

A heart breaking story from a mother and father whose son overdosed, suffers from brain damage and is now bed-ridden.

High on Crystal Meth Stranded in a Snow Storm

Two you people who are hallucinating on crystal meth get lost in a snow storm. They are unable to communicate there where-a-bouts to a 911 operator and freeze to death waiting for help.


As you can see the abuse of meth and production of methamphetamines doesn't just affect those involved with the addiction, it seriously affects other innocent people too. Unfortunately people learn the hard way and some never learn.

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