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Methamphetamine Treatment, Rehabilitation Programs and Detoxification Information


Sometimes a professional intervention is needed if the individual isn't willing to seek help for their meth addiction. Family and friends need to seek the help of a professional interventionist in order for their loved one to receive the critical and necessary treatment for this serious dependency.


During detoxification the body is eliminating the chemical toxins and effects of methamphetamine due to the use and abuse of this highly addictive substance. Medications can be administered during the detoxification process to make the patient more comfortable. Chronic users of meth usually require medication because withdrawal symptoms can be quite uncomfortable during detox.

At the end of methamphetamine detox, the users physical and behavior functions have normalized and the individual is ready for the second phase of meth treatment and rehabilitation. The detoxification process varies for each individual, their age, overall health and physical condition, duration of meth use and the severity of use makes a difference when determining detox length of time.

Treatment for Meth Dependency

Sometimes the individual needs antidepressant drug therapy while going through the treatment process, this form of drug therapy is very effective during the recovery process. Methamphetamine Treatment is designed specifically for each person. There are effective treatment approaches for treating meth dependency.

Matrix Model Approach for Methamphetamine Addiction

The Matrix Model is an intensive approach to treating stimulant drug dependency and is done on an outpatient basis. This form of treatment consists of cognitive behavior therapy, education for the family, individual counseling for the patient, 12 Step support, and drug testing of the urine and breath. The Matrix Model treatment approach takes place over a 16 week period of time. This approach to treating methamphetamine and other stimulant addiction has proven to be very effective while going through recovery and preventing relapse as well.

Long Term Residential Treatment

Chronic and habitual users of meth and other stimulants may require inpatient residential treatment for their dependency. More intense treatment in a safe drug free environment is necessary during this time for those who have a long term history of drug abuse. Some meth addicts are not only dependent on stimulants but have also formed addictions to other serious drugs or alcohol.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral therapy helps the individual receiving treatment for substance abuse and dependencies understand their own personal use of substances such as meth. This form of therapy helps the individual learn ways to avoid unhealthy behaviors and choices in the future. Many important changes take place in a person's life when they're recovering from substance abuse and dependency. It's not always easy to effectively make better choices without professional guidance and a strategy for the future.

Through behavioral therapy individuals learn what triggers their need for drug use, this is very important to understand and recognize to prevent relapse in the future. Modifying thoughts, behaviors and beliefs is important in order to effectively and successfully make positive choices in the future.

12 Step Support Groups

Twelve step support groups can be extremely helpful for anyone working toward abstinence and sobriety from the use of drugs or alcohol. During treatment for drug dependency, 12 step programs are integrated into many treatment programs and are very effective for maintaining sobriety. Not only are you able to accept responsibility for your substance use but the group supports each other as they continue to stay substance free one day at a time.

Individual and Family Therapy

Individual counseling helps the person receiving treatment for methamphetamine dependency continue to work through personal issues in their life. One on one counseling offers a more private and personal atmosphere which is important when discussing personal feelings and emotional stress.

Family therapy allows the whole family to become involved with the treatment and recovery process for their loved one. This is a delicate and yet stressful time for everyone involved not just the substance abuser. Through family therapy everyone's feelings are validated and healthy communication skills are learned which strengthens family relationships as the family as a whole recovers from drug abuse and addiction.

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