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Methamphetamine Abuse Poems

  • Oct


    Something wrong my friend?
    I have the answer and my time I will lend.
    Tell me what troubles you, I care, Family and friends offer help how they dare.
    I will take you places you have never been, believe my lies that I will help, you say when!
    You will be invinceable, prideful and proud, once bitten, freedom not allowed.
    I will convince you all is alright, care not about time day or night.
    I will turn you from GOD, your dad and your mother, I am your new sister, your new brother.
    Your children will not remember one bit, cost you your soul, that is it.
    I need your dignity, your love from your heart
    I love you, please choose to start and I'll love you friend, til death do us part.