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  • Aug

    Am I Suffering from Delusions and Psychosis?


    Truth: Puffing on a pipe as I type. My partner also a user and I have been using one drug or another for years - meth was introduced into our home about a year ago - I used it on occasion but for him I recognized it was getting out of hand and I begged him to stop, I asked his friends to get him to stop. He didn't and I got so tired of the fighting and being an addict I started joining in and here we are - I'm an addict - the thing is this... yes I experience the hallucinations, the effects of the drug like quick temper, insomnia , thinking I'm a rock star from mars (kidding but the euphoria that one expects) but I don't get the paranoia - I don't get the complete and utter inability to function - too scared to move or convinced that the world is on its way to get me, or that the meth squad (cops) are at my door, I don't believe that my partner is harboring some magnificent secret that I don't know about - but he does experience all the above and has no flipping clue he is doing it - in addition to the above he gets enormous pleasure out of insulting me, putting me down, bringing up all the negative or bad things I have done in the past. He treats me like a servant and I am so desperate for love and acceptance from him that I run and do his bidding all the time. Here is the scary thing... am I the one who is suffering from delusions and psychosis?

    I wish that I could say positively no you're not but I can't. I'm sure your partner is behaving in the manor you describe but there is also a good chance you're suffering from delusional thoughts and don't realize it. Meth affects people differently, not everyone experiences the same exact symptoms nor do they experience them at the same time or intensity. Meth is a very dangerous toxic substance that sadly causes serious damage to areas of the brain overtime and unfortunately if meth use continues, these symptoms you're both experiencing will definitely progress.

    Chronic use of meth dangerously alters or changes the function and structure of the brain and overtime, the damage caused may be irreversible. Long-term effects of meth use can include paranoia, hallucinations, memory loss, aggressiveness, violent behavior, and severe emotional changes.