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    A Family's' Struggle

    We have sons who are addicted to meth and have been on and off for about eight years. This drug has destroyed our family. We still believe that our family can be made whole again but not until the boys are clean. Our oldest son has two sweet children, he was divorced from his first wife because of his addictions, spent four years in the state prison, met the woman of his dreams when he came home, he spent two years hiding his addiction from his new wife and us, he is now divorced for the second time and is in jail again. He is wanting to some in-patient treatment and is seeking help to locate a center close to our home. His wife has come back into his life and is willing to try again as long as he gets his self the treatment he needs. Our youngest son has been through one of the most tough treatment programs in the United States, he graduated the program, got married to a woman he met in the program, has four sweet little angels, started his own business, bought a home and all the toys you can imagine for his family to enjoy, got addicted again to meth and now has lost almost everything, home, truck, business and probably his wife. By the way both boys have graduated from using a glass pipe to using needles. This is so scary to us; we feel that we have all but lost our son's. I pray for our family and the thousands of other families that are in the mess of meth addiction. I wish that instead of judges, legislators, law-enforcement just throwing away the key on these addicts that they would find some funding to help them kick their addictions. We have been living with this destructive addiction for many years, we are tired.

    S.P. Draper, Utah, USA

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