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Methamphetamine Abuse Poems

  • Jan

    Acceptance of Isolation

    Going thru the motion of yesterday today
    Addiction has a hunger creating debt you cannot pay
    There is no point in speaking because they don't hear what you say
    Still your reaching out for something that is too far away
    You don't know what it is but your positive it's there
    But you're getting to the point that you're not sure if you care
    You are standing all alone but can feel the eyes that stare
    Gazing deep into your soul and its more than you can bear
    Violation is a word that you know all too well
    But you keep your story hidden because there is no one you can tell
    There must be a reason that you're locked inside this tomb
    Struggling with the air that is stale with all your gloom
    Your wilted like a flower but yet you didn't bloom
    Acceptance of isolation how now become your doom