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Methamphetamine Abuse Poems

  • May

    The Death Chamber

    Death is Meths Ugly Cousin
    Locked in this chamber with your family and friends.
    Watching in horror your fate, the fate
    that you alone sealed.
    Plunging lethal misery into the arms
    of ALL.... Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Daughter, Son, Lover and Mate.
    Can you hear them.
    Pounding on the glass.
    Watching in horror your fate, the fate
    that you alone sealed.
    Look behind you fool and gaze upon the clock.
    Cause time is all you got, to set matters straight and break free of your self sealed fate.
    The fate that you alone sealed the day when you pierced the heart of the ones you love.
    Your arms strapped down as you await the ride, the ride to hell.
    No way to point the finger at the ones, the ones you can't hear pounding
    on that glass.
    The glass of this self sealed chamber
    The one full of fear.
    Looking up to God asking him
    how I got here.
    You notice a mirror.
    God replies "Look closley
    at the reflection.
    And see the man full of fear.
    All it takes is a speck of belief
    that only I can free you of the straps
    and bondage that you alone locked.
    The day you pierced your families heart.
    The day you pierced from within."
    I can't take this hurt.. I can't take this prison.
    "remember the pain of others" God speaks
    with a little belief and I shall loosen the straps in time,
    cause time is all you have.
    To set matters straight.
    With the ones you harmed.
    The day you sealed the deal

    By: Anthony V.