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Methamphetamine Abuse Poems

  • Nov

    Princess in White

    It seamed to be the thing to do, as everyone was too!
    I lit the bong and my problems were gone at least thats what I thought.
    That was the day, she krept into my life, the demon who controlled my will, my love, my stength, the fight.
    As if it was the first step in life, a mere stepping stone, from pot, to qualudes, to LSD, Coke and on and on. Then I met her,
    the crystal Lady, who had what I desired. I was in heaven when she was with me, nothing mattered,
    the kids the man, my life. She followed me around, and changed me every day, she turned me into and monster - in each and EVERY way.
    Oh, Crystal Meth, what a monster , but still I loved you so, until one horrible day - when CPS came along and took my kids away.
    here it was the very end, to her I bid farewell, I woke up and broke the rig that held a nasty spell.
    It took some time, I will not lie, I chose my kids, and kicked meth good-bye!!
    That was long long ago, and for that I am grateful, if I could help turn one life around - would make it all worth while.
    But though the years I have learned, you cannot help someone change with out their desire.
    So, I've been told to share my story, and pray it helps...
    Even if I can save one soul from the evil princess in white, I will thank the LORD - My life will have a meaning!!!